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Reflection questions

..."Constitutions create a sacred dwelling place within you."

  • What do you do personally to nourish that space?
  • How does your community life nurture that space?
  • How does your experience of that sacred space free you in your ministry?

"The goal of a constitution is not to control our lives, but rather to create an environment where we can express what is deepest within us."

Recall a time when you felt free to express that which is deep within you:

  • What gave you that freedom? people? place? other?

"Constitutions are meant to free us to love." "...they seek to create a free and open space in your lives where God can touch you with his loving presence.."

  • How have you experienced God touching you with his loving presence?

General Reflections

  • How do the constitutions affect your daily living?
  • Do the constitutions speak to you of Vincent? How?
  • Why have constitutions at all?