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Vincentian Translation Project

The newly revised and annotated Volume 9, the first of two volumes of the Conferences of Saint Vincent de Paul to the Daughters of Charity, is ready for publication! As stated in the introduction:

In these pages we see the complete picture of Saint Vincent de Paul.... His language is warm and lively, simple and conversational, convincing and shrewd, instructive and practical....

These talks were the vehicle the Founder used for the corporate formation of the first Sisters in the spirit and virtues of “true” Daughters of Charity. Vincent encouraged the participation of the Sisters by the use of questions and answers, an innovative method for the seventeenth century and a way of assuring that they understood what was being presented to them: “Sister, you down there at the back, please tell us your thoughts.” Even after almost four hundred years, the prudence and wisdom of Vincent, as found in these conferences and in the Conferences to the Congregation of the Mission enrich and delight the reader of the twenty-first century.

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