Vincentian Leadership Project

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  1. Rediscover St. Vincent de Paul as a contemporary example of servant leadership, effective management and committed leader for social change.
  2. Assess contemporary value-based leadership practices of people at different levels in Vincentian founded, sponsored or related organizations.
  3. Promote effective, committed, and integrated value-oriented leadership of individuals, teams, and organizations worldwide.

The Vincentian Leadership Project considers leadership development a process characterized by four essential phases:

  1. Assessment of Vincentian and other leadership competencies
  2. Action plans focused on leadership strengths, goals and vision
  3. Coaching and mentoring
  4. Education through a variety of educational materials and opportunities

Individuals and organizations interested in developing and promoting effective and competent Vincentian leaders should consider all four phases of the Vincentian leadership development itinerary.

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