Systemic Change Award

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The Systemic Change Award was established by the General Council of the Congregation of the Mission at a Tempo Forte session, October 3 - 7, 2005.

The purpose of the award, as reiterated by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, Gregory Gay, in his January 25, 2007 letter to the Congregation "is to stimulate our efforts at evangelization and service to the poor throughout the world."


Systemic Change Award 2009


On January 25, 2007 the Superior General announced the recipients of the 2007 awards.

1) from the [Province of Madrid], Spain: a project on hospitality for and integration of transients in Andújar;

2) from the [Province of Curitiba], Brazil: a project for helping street people in the city of Curitiba regain their rights and dignity;

3) from the Region of Vietnam, [Province of Paris], France: a project for helping mountain children with their schooling.


On January 25, 2006 the Superior General announced the recipients of the 2006 awards.

Each project will receive $20,000 US.

Systemic Change and the Vincentian Family