Ideas for Spiritual Advisors

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This page contains a sample list of resources helpful for a person acting as a Spiritual Advisor within the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (or other groups).

Being Vincentian and a Formator Robert P. Maloney. C.M.

I.Formation in the life and writings of St. Vincent
II.The changing context and some challenging contemporary calls
III.The Vincentian today as formator

Some Qualities of a Good Formator Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

Let me suggest ten characteristics of the good formator today.
1.Deeply rooted in the person of Jesus
2.Fully immersed in the Vincentian charism
3.In contact with the world of the poor
4.Capable of being a guide on the spiritual journey
5.A good listener
6.A good communicator, skilled in using contemporary means for engaging others in the formation process
7.Knowledgeable about the social teaching of the Church
8.Capable of relating and working as a member of a team and of cooperating with others as a team member.
9.In touch with the various groups in our Vincentian Family
10.Truly missionary

Advisors (to Vincentian Marian Youth) and the Spiritual Life

Role and Task of Advisors to the AIC (Ladies of Charity)

On the Formation of Formators

Another way that Adivisors could help people they work with would be to point them to spiritual resources on the Internet. For example in any monthly newsletter or column draw attention to one of the following resources.

Here are just a few...

Compilation of Vincentian Spirituality Resources


Bread on the Waters Very simple and pracitcal resources ranging from how to make a retreat, online stations of the cross, etc.