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The Vincentian Encyclopedia is a Mediawiki wiki, which means that it is very similar to Wikipedia. When viewing any page in the Vincentian Encylopedia, you'll find three main navigation elements:

  1. The basic elements of navigation for the Encyclopedia are contained in the menu bar just under the title Vincentian Encyclopedia. This gives you access to important pages in the wiki such as the Home page, Categories, Vincentian topics and Historic events, links to this this resource in other languages and some other tools, including a Search box for searching for information contained in the Encyclopedia.
  2. If you are logged in as a user (for editing), at the top of the page are links (often called tabs) which relate to the page currently displayed: its associated discussion page, the version history, and—most notably—the edit link (you must be logged in to actually edit.)
  3. In the footer (bottom of the page) you'll find user links; as an anonymous user, you'll see a link to create an account or log in (they are the same page). As a logged-in user you have a collection of personal links, including ones to your user page and preferences.

Menu items

The Menu gives you access to important pages in the wiki.

  • The Home icon will take you to the Home page for the Encyclopedia
  • Topics/Categories help you to navigate to information grouped by Categories, or Vincentian Topics as well as a rather overwhelming listing of all pages in the wiki. Here you can also find links to Current and Historic events or take your chances on a Random page.
  • Other Languages offers links to the French, Polish and Spanish language editions of the Encyclopedia. (Italian is coming soon)
  • Tools offers links to tools such as Recent changes or Upload file.


Clicking on the Famvin icon in the header or the Home icon in the menu brings you back to the main page of the Encyclopedia.


The toolbox contains a selection of links which change depending on what type of page you are viewing.

On all pages (except special pages):

  • What links here takes you to a special page that lists the pages on this wiki which contain a link to the current page. This is helpful when you are looking for pages of related information. The What links here information can also be useful when you are refactoring wiki pages and need to check whether links to this page are still relevant after changes in the current page.
  • The Related changes tool lists all recent changes in the pages linked to from the current page. Recent changes to all relevant template pages are included in the resulting page list. The "Hide minor edits" option that can be set in the user preferences applies, among other things, to Related Changes.

On all pages (including special pages):

  • Upload file displays a special page that allows logged-in users to upload images and other files to the wiki. Uploaded files can be linked from or embedded in wiki pages. Uploading files, viewing files on the server, including them in wiki pages and managing the uploaded files is discussed in the managing files section of this manual. This is not displayed if file uploading has been disabled or not enabled in the first place.
  • The Special pages tool lists the MediaWiki special pages. In MediaWiki terminology, a special page is one that presents information about the Wiki and/or allows access to administration activities for the wiki. For example, a list of users registered with the wiki, statistics about the wiki such as the number of pages and number of page edits, system logs, a list of orphaned pages, and so on. These special pages are commonly generated when the special page is loaded rather than being stored in the wiki database.