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This page is meant as a beginning resource for followers of Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac interested in establishing a web presence.

Why have a web presence

That's where the people are!

More than ONE BILLION people are on-line!
From the above statistics it is clear that the Internet is no longer predominantly an English speaking medium.

"Faith Online: 64% of wired Americans have used the Internet for spiritual or religious purposes"

[ Pew Internet Internet in American Life Study
"The 64% of Internet users who perform spiritual and religious activities online represent nearly 82 million Americans. Among the most popular and important spiritually-related online activities measured in a (2004) national survey: 38% of the nation’s 128 million Internet users have sent and received email with spiritual content; 35% have sent or received online greeting cards related to religious holidays; 32% have gone online to read news accounts of religious events and affairs; 21% have sought information about how to celebrate religious holidays; 17% have looked for information about where they could attend religious services; 7% have made or responded to online prayer requests; and 7% have made donations to religious organizations or charities.

What to expect

If You Build a Web Site, Will They Come?

The chances of finding your website among the billions of websites are very small even with search engines
A Google search shows some 23,500,000 for parish

What should you expect in building a site?

Three things to be remembered...
It’s not as hard as you think (up to a point!)
It's not as easy as you think (but the difficulties can be minimized)
Just because you build it does not mean that they will come (but at least you have a chance)

Before you start

Get the sequence right!

It is not "Ready, aim, fire!" but " Aim, ready, fire!"

  • Why should they come? YOUR INTENTIONS
  • What do you really want/expect to happen? YOUR HOPES
  • Why will they come? THEIR MOTIVATION
  • Let the “Beginners Mind” be in you. TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED
  • Who does it well and why? DON’T RE-INVENT
Learn from others.
  • What to expect building a site? PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

Steps in establishing a web presence

The "Heal Your Church Website" is a wonderful resource targeting church webmasters. However the following links do not seem to be functioning at the moment.

Ways to establish a Website


  • Professionals
  • Volunteers

Do it yourself

  • Use a website design program
  • Use "blog" creation site
  • Use a "wiki" creation site

Helpful resources

Wonderful set of clearly written explanations of various dimensions of the Internet
" offers information, inspiration, and assistance written in plain English by professional writers and designers so it's easy to understand and use. is for everyone who wants to build a more attractive and effective web site. Learn what you need, painlessly. No experience necessary. You'll be web-savvy in no time."
Available in Spanish and French
The Technology Place for Non-Profits
First Time Visitors

Helping people find you

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